Stay looking younger with these 7 beauty tips

Published: 21st March 2012
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From the moment Eve took that bite of the apple, the human kind has been obsessed with beauty.

Fact is that as we pop out of the womb, we begin aging. Every day of our lives our cells die off and our body regenerates new cells. The acceleration at which that action takes place is faster when we are children and more evident as we get older.

Every day you are bombarded with commercials with tips tips that are meant to leading you believe that the newest miracle drugs are all you need to go around the rules of Mother Nature.

Humans are living longer now. Depending on your perspective, it can be a curse or a blessing.
The best avenue to remain beautiful and have a healthy looking skin is taking care of what you already have. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Truth is that your skin takes an assault from the ambiance every distinct day. Here are some of our tips for having a beautiful and healthy looking skin:

1: Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water! This doesn’t include drinking soda, caffeine or any other type of liquid, be it even low cal. Soda (even diet soda) has a high quantity of sodium. Sodium retains fluids. Your body requires liquid that will hydrate and release the toxins from your body. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day!

2: Protect your skin from the dangerous ultra violet (UV) rays. We all adore the sun. We all love it and all like to have a beautiful tan. Truth is, abundant sunshine can harm the skin. Being too much under UV lights you can acquire skin cancer and if that isn’t bad enough for you , it also causes your skin to age faster than it should, making wrinkles appear sooner than expected. Use an adequate sun screen when playing in the sun. Don’t leave your house without it!

3: Keep your skin clean. Make sure to use a soft warm piece of cloth. Skin does not crave scrubbing. You will do more bad to your skin than good if you do it.

4: The best cure for wrinkles is to make sure they don’t appear in the first place! If you are like most of us, you didn’t accept your Mom’s advices when she told you to stay in the shade, stand up straight and stop squinting!

5: Eat healthy. Knowing how and what to eat is an important factor when it comes to your well -being. Wrong eating habits can account for depression, weight gain, diseases and lethargy.

Weight causes skin to stretch. As you get older, it loses its elasticity and you will be left with a sagging skin.
Maintain a proper weight in order to avoid this.

One of the general rules of eating healthy is...don't eat more calories than you consume. Don’t let a day pass by without doing exercise for at least 30 minutes. This can be three ten minute walks. Or 30 minutes of active aerobics, or 12 minutes of weight lifting and 18 minutes of walking.

6: Don't worry, be happy. Maintaining a happy perspective appears to release a significant quantity of endorphins.Endorphins relax the cardiovascular arrangement and cytokines which let the immune system detect abnormalities like cancer cells. Accept yourself as you are. If you have been to harsh on yourself from childhood, over a lifetime,negative thoughts can turn you into a pessimist. Spend a couple of days writing down the phrases you have used during your “self talk.” Chances are you will understand that you echo a dozen or so phrases over and over that reinforce that abrogating image. If you perceive them, you can change them. Inner joy and outer beauty go hand in hand.

Here are a few quick tips for being joyful, hopeful and optimistic that will work with disregard to what your age might be :

Keep account of 50 wonderful things that happen to you every day.

Laugh a lot. You’ll alleviate your anatomy and your mind.

Accept a new challenge every month.

Meditate for at least 5 minutes every day.

7: Keeping an active sex life after 50 – Ha! How many of you jumped right to this section?

It’s a couple’s own matter when it comes to the importance of physical intimacy. A huge number of men used to give up sex after turning 60, and many women used to think that with when menopause stroke their sex life was over.That is no longer the case.

After 50 the sex life can become more full,entertaining and satisfying. With age comes the experience of lovemaking. The childer are grown and live at their own houses. The pressures of a day to day life and the stress of building a career are usually less harsh than in younger years.

So, is really beauty skin deep?

The agreement is both yes and no. It’s a paradox, isn’t it? Outer beauty comes from inside. Don’t you desire there was some way to “wriggle your nose” and achieve that elastic skin you had as a child? Well, until there appears a real version of the “Fountain of Youth” we are stuck with what we gave.
Remember, getting older doesn’t have to mean looking old.
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